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About FairPockets

FairPockets, the nation’s most innovative and fastest-growing online real estate portal has been recently re-designed with the motto of making it easier for flat buyers and sellers to fulfill all their desires of doing property transaction at the right or fair price.

From the aforementioned re-designed term, we meant that the portal has received a complete makeover and launched several new social media pages connecting potential buyers with sellers in NCR (Noida, Greater Noida, etc).

‘Ritesh Anand’, the Founder & CEO of FairPockets said:

We are India’s first price curated property platform and you can search all fair priced properties at our platform”.

According to the FairPockets claim, “While at the time real estate industry was long stuck in the Stone Age with static advertising tactics, it has embraced technology and social marketing to strategically bring out the flat buyers as well as sellers all together, affordably and quickly. FairPockets official website is fully optimized for mobile users. It do share listings as well as tips of the real estate trade on all its social media platforms”.

FairPockets Basic Working Procedure

More about FairPockets

FairPockets is a Noida/NCR based fair price portal connecting flat buyers and sellers, so that they can complete the transaction at the right or fair price. FairPockets does the valuation of each and every resale property which is posted online with us. The idea is to have the set a benchmark price for each property at which transaction happens. It gives a good indication and direction to each buyer and seller regarding the transaction price of that property.  It has easy to use interface, numerous property listings and last but not the least, latest technology to connect buyers and sellers.

FairPockets market residential/commercial projects on FaceBook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Why To Use FairPockets

How To Use FairPockets

As discussed above, FairPockets is a real estate portal from which you can of course expect newly enhance user-friendly options.

In order to make use of FairPockets to avail it’s distinct real estate services, you are just required to tap Sell Your Property menu available at the right side of portal.

Their you will get two options, that is either to Login or to Register. Here in a case if you are new user, you are simply required to register or else just login.


Various Other Services Provided by FairPockets are:

  • List/Sell your Property
  • Property Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Assisted buying/selling

List/Sell Your Property:

You can List/sell your property by clicking on the sell your property option. Once you Login or Register you have to fill up the details about the property such as size of the property, location, amenities, age of the property and most important the Offer price of your property.

As we do price curation, so you have to post two prices on our website, the first is the offer price which is the price at which you would like to sell your property and second is the market price which is realistic transaction price of that property. The market price will remain more or less constant for all such properties and offer price will change based on sellers expectations. One condition is that the offer price of the seller can’t be higher than the market price. So all the properties posting at fairpockets.com is at par or lower than the market rate.

The only exception is properties posted by developers or builders.  The builders will have to submit their entire rate card in a structured format apart from project details, size, amenities, location etc. This will help the consumers to get the exact price of their unit.

Property Management

FairPockets real property management’s professional services include comprehensive marketing and advertising of your property in Noida for selling or renting out, on-going communication, thorough tenant screening and selection, regular inspections, cost-effective and trustworthy maintenance, strict and complaint evictions and most importantly any local support.

Close Look at some of the services included in Property Management:

Local support

FairPockets will be providing the local support and manage your house keys to execute activities as per your need and also maximize the ROI for your investments

Regular Maintenance & Renovation

FairPockets will be maintaining your property and also will be keeping it clean through regular maintenance. In case you would like to us to renovate the flat we can get it done. We have a pool of architect who can help you in doing the interior designing of your property and also executing the approved design.

On-going Communication

FairPockets fair price portal keeps you updated on several property activities including leasing, maintenance, vacancies and inspections. What’s more, whether you are living a few blocks from your rental property or hundreds of miles away, can for surely monitor all the activity of your property from the convenience of your system.

Additionally, the local team of highly-trained staff is always there to answer all your queries and work with you in order to get the best output on your investment.

Thorough Tenant Screening & Solution

Tenant is what you can just never take in lite. It might cost you a lot what you have yet save in professional management fees. Thus, for the sake of safety, FairPockets evaluates tenant application on the basis of criminal background, credit, employment verification and other relevant background checks.

So, at the time when found a qualified tenant, sign the lease with the approved tenant.


Portfolio Management

FairPockets provides discretionary Portfolio Management Service, offering professional management of your Investments, with primary motto to deliver consistent returns. PMS provided by FairPockets (a fair price portal) ensures its customers of reliving them from all the monitoring hassles with benefits such as strong risk management flexibility and regular views, making ultimately it an ideal investment avenue regarding high net worth investors.

Key Benefits of Portfolio Management Services Provided By FairPockets

  • Portfolio Recommendation: We analyze the complete portfolio of our client and recommend the action plan to meet the clients objective.
  • Execution of Plan: Once we freeze of the plan the next steps are executing the plan to meet the long term objective of the clients. The execution primarily involves Selling/Buying or renting to optimize the returns. The real estate transactions take time but with FairPockets technology we make it simpler and fast.

Assisted Buying/Selling

Selling and buying property especially in Noida/NCR region can be a painful experience.

Assisted Selling:

Selling is the most painful activity in real estate transaction cycle as you are not sure how much time its going to take for you to sell the property especially in this market which is very weak.

The investors are completely out of market and whatever small transactions are happening that is through the end users only.

Here we will do a free valuation of your property and identify the right price to sell. We will also provide you with a free listing of your property on our website www.fairpockets.com. We also have our offline team which will be helping you in seeing the property through our channel network.

Assisted Buying:

This is again very important from a customer point of view especially in Noida/NCR market. Lot of customers have bought properties without proper due diligence because of which they are stuck with incomplete projects or projects without proper authority approvals etc.

Our team does a thorough due diligence before proposing any property to our clients. We have a network of lawyers who can do much detail check in case of any doubt.

Apart from safety we also look at the return aspect. Our belief is that any real estate investment should fetch you good return, even if you are buying for end use purpose. If a situation arises where you have to sell your property then you should make very good returns.

 We not only help you in buying the right property for yourself but also help you post that through our property management and portfolio management services. 

Assisted Buying Services Provided by FairPockets include:

Buy residential flats for sale in Noida

  • Choosing the right type of residence.
  • Making selection of the best location and community.
  • Managing finances.
  • Acknowledging current and future needs.
  • Making suitable offers.
  • Negotiating contracts, terms and purchases.
  • Lining up additional resources such as attorneys, accountants, movers, inspectors and etc.

Assisted Selling Services By FairPockets include:

Selling residential/commercial property in Noida/NCR

  • Overcoming emotional hurdles.
  • Establishing a fair market value.
  • Presenting/showing and marketing your property.
  • Reducing, in a case if required.
  • Negotiating the sale and then closing it.
  • Wrapping and moving.
  • Lining up several additional resources such as stagers, cleaners, repair services, estate sale specialists, movers and numerous more.

Assistance with home adaptations

  • Finding solutions to enable several seniors to stay in their respective homes.
  • Suggesting modifications for ensuring safety and accessibility.
  • Establishing connections with aging-in-place specialists to facilitate cost-effective change, positive and avoid not needed moves.

Portfolio management services

So, this was all about FairPockets services. Hopefully now in a case if you need a home to sell, you would refer FairPockets (a fair price portal). It’s residents Connections team will refer you to the right agent, with local market expertise, to help you sell your home at the best affordable price and as quickly as possible.

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