Getting a professional to manage & maintain your property

Have you ever thought of hiring a professional to manage & maintain your investment property? The answer would be most likely to be no. If your property is located in the city where you live then obviously you can manage it on your own, but if you have multiple properties in your city then you may find it difficult to manage and maintain on your own. The real problem occurs when you are living in a different city. Managing your property in a different city can be really time-consuming and costly. Travel cost is quite exorbitant and so is the time spent in travelling and managing.

We at Fairpockets do provide property management and maintenance service, and the objective is to keep your property maintained which ultimately impacts your return or finance in a positive way. Our property management and maintenance service will help you fulfil two requirements:

Basic need: what do we mean by basic need, it essentially means taking care of your day to day operational aspects of managing a property like regular cleaning, utility bill payments, renovation, tenant management etc. We will manage your house keys for you, which will enable you to take a decision and we can help you in executing your decisions locally.

These basic services will keep you at peace and will give you time to focus your time and energy in more productive work. A better-managed property can fetch you higher rental yields and also higher price when it comes up for sale. You will get your tenant much faster and also the liquidity is better for a better-managed property.

Investment needs: Do you ever wish that you could invest in places which have much higher potential than your present city, example if you live in Delhi would you like to invest in Mumbai or if you stay in Bangalore would you like to invest in Gurgaon. The answer most likely would be yes but there would be two major problems, the first one would be that you don’t know the city well enough to make the right decision and other being you don’t know anyone there so managing the property locally is very challenging?

We have answers to both these problems, our research and advisory services can help you identify the right property for your investments and we will manage it for you through our property management services.

So don’t limit yourself to a particular location, you can widen your investment horizon and maximize your return.

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