Gurugram as an Investment Destination


Witnessing rapid urbanization, Gurugram has become the city with the third highest per capita income in India. Gurugram’s transformation from an economical wasteland to an IT hub is remarkable. From investment point of view, along with location, many points have to be kept in consideration such as infrastructure, connectivity, quality of living, demand & supply etc. With the establishment of the IT companies, now Gurugram is also called as the ‘Millennium City’. Gurugram has become the most ‘in demand’ destination for residential as well as commercial properties. The city has emerged as the favorite of property investors and real estate companies.
Strengths of Gurugram as a destination of investment:-

Good Connectivity: – Gurugram is located close to Delhi which is about 32 kms from South-West Delhi. Gurugram and Greater Gurugram are becoming one of the preferred luxury destinations in India for investors. There are 11 metro stations in Gurugram which has a smooth connectivity to the National Capital Regions. Rapid metro has further improved connectivity and transport system in Gurugram. Greater Gurugram has immense potential to develop and hence the best choice for investors.

Employment Opportunity: – As India’s foremost outsourcing hub, Gurugram offers lots of investment opportunities. Gurugram houses Alcatel, British Airways, Ericsson, Hewitt, Coca cola, General Motors, and GSK etc. The presence of these multinationals has had tremendous impacts on its economy. As an investment hub, the city offers employment opportunities with the vast major investments that litter its economy. For entrepreneurs keen to start a new business, this city makes a superb location. Its proximity to Delhi offers a cosmopolitan extended market. The investment regime in this city is friendly and investors had made good money in the past and will continue to do so even in the future.

Hot locations: – Residential property prices on the southern peripheral road connecting to National Highway 8 have seen considerable appreciation over the past few months. This location holds great investment potential because of enhanced connectivity that NH8 provides to Manesar and Dwarka. As prices soar in upcoming locations of Gurugram such as Golf Course Extension, Sectors 70 and Sector 78, buyers have been looking at these alternate locations.

Infrastructural development companies and construction projects have found good business in Gurugram. The city is ideal for real estate investment because of huge infra development, great employment opportunities, proximity to airport, etc. The need for housing for its ever increasing population has seen the rise of apartment buildings rapidly.

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