Land or Apartment What to Buy


In India, choosing over between properties is not a piece of cake. One should consciously invest in properties. Question comes which property to choose? A land or an apartment? There are a dozen of reasons why we should choose the either. But we often so get excited about owning your own property that every aspects looks fine. But it’s not the time to rush rather slow down. We should step back for some time and calm down our self because it’s a decision which will impact our overall family life and finances. And we should not be regretting it later.

Why land?

Land is always in great demand. Buying an independent land means autonomous choice to build a house depending on one’s own requirement and limitation. The value of land normally appreciates immediately due to zero depreciation on land. Also, land is better investment if we know for sure that we are going to get a good return. Land is usually ready for acquiring. Value of land will always grow with time. It never depreciates if purchased in good location. Land gives us a freedom to construct a house of our choice. It gives us freedom to make addition. But, in apartment, buyer has lack of freedom to change the shape and size of the construction area. It has no independent say to design things your way. It has limited space and there is less scope to make addition and the quality of construction is sometimes not up to your choice.

If you look on cost, land depends on size, locality and availability of space. And in apartment, its depends on locality, services, accessibility, size and design. The next benefits of land, if the investor wants to use the property for the personal use then land could offer good value appreciation in long term. As an investor is not required to hold the apartment for long term, it also diminishes the depreciation factor. Another problem in apartment that it could be make interest burden while one invest in multiple flats on a leveraged financial position at a time of slowdown in economy. But, in the land investor doesn’t need to worry in such cases.

Why apartment?

In today’s rising land price, it’s difficult to buying a piece of land to everyone, apartments have become a choice as well as compromise for some. Apartment is generally built by real estate developer or contractor who hands over to you the project to shift with family immediately. Living in expensive locality has become difficult these days as buying a piece of land in good locality is not within everyone’s reach. So, investing in apartment is a good option. The other benefits in apartments are that they come with luxurious facilities like good maintenance, parking, security, club- house, power back up, swimming pool etc.

Land has an advantage of assertive returns, but it usually needs investment in full and there is no choice of taking leverage on the fund hence overall return is limited. Apartments are very easy to buy and an investor can take leverage on its fund.

The next benefit of apartment is that things such as power back up, maintenance and security is taken care by the society. If we buy a land and built a house on it, we will miss these comforts unless it is gated community developed by builder.

Land generates a very low income if rented and sometimes it is difficult to occupy the land if the tenant pushes the property into litigation. But in apartment, they are ready to generate good income from the first day of taking the possession if it is given on rent. There is less chances of litigation with modern laws in place.

With different kinds of settlement, most people have started investing in apartment that are fully provided and ready to shift.


Both land and apartment have their pros and cons. So, as an investor it’s necessary to focus on one’s requirement and take decision, you can take help of Fair Pockets for further research and advice. For personal use property, it is a good decision for an investor to buy a land whose value normally appreciates for a long term. And most importantly, land is a long term tangible asset that doesn’t depreciate and nothing can get stolen or destroyed. And, we can set up business firm on the land to make money while being the proprietor of the land.

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