5 Reasons Why Owning a House in Delhi NCR is Better than Renting


Looking to buy apartments in Delhi, Greater Noida or Gurgaon area??

Then the article is for you. Go through it once as it has thrown some light onto the merits of owning 1/2/3 bhk flats in Noida and other NCR regions.

Before discussing importance of owning a house in Delhi NCR over renting , let’s first have a glance onto the both aspects i.e., renting and buying a home.

A middle-class working man, who has only few years in his successful career, usually get tangled into the dilemma of buying or renting a house.

When it comes to renting, then of course everyone is aware of the fact that rental accommodations are more of a temporary fix and thus don’t cost much. However, owning apartments in Greater Noida or other NCR regions come with a higher initial investment (down payment). It moreover require a constant investment of fund over the EMI for maintaining house.

Now despite of this huge financial difference, it is yet evident that rented flats in Noida and other NCR regions can never provide anyone with the sense of contentment which he/she can feel in his/her self-owned property.

Initially renting might seem hassle-free as well as easy, as there are ‘no extra’ cost or effort involved in, however when it comes to long-run, everyone would for surely want to be a house owner.

FairPockets, the best real estate company in Noida, really feels that it is the most vital decision people take in their life and is worth giving a thought.

Reasons why owning flats in Noida is better than renting

Value Appreciating Investment

Real Estate in India might encounter few ups and down, however the value of residential flats for sale in Noida & Gurgaon is likely to increase over the years. So, your owned flats in Noida 62 or any other regions would be an investment which will pay off its value with additional profit. This profit would be applicable in a case if you have to sell it in next coming five to ten years.

Reliable Asset

When you buy flats in Noida 62 or any other NCR regions, you financially stabilize yourself more. The monthly EMI you pay for your home is though higher than the rent you pay for a leased apartment in Greater Noida, but it for sure build up a steady asset for you. Via buying a home, you get opportunity to enjoy the comfort as well as security of your own home. Your own home besides pays you off in a case of having any sort of financial crisis. This is the one of the most vital importance of owning a house in Delhi NCR over renting.

You are the Boss

Having own home in Noida or other NCR regions, liberate all types of worries from your life. Here from worries, we meant unnecessary landlord’s restrictions, complaints as well as numerous rent negotiations. In your own house, you do all the work, but at the same time you are also capable of making your own rules. In your home, you can feel yourself free to play loud music, invite friends over and host weekend parties without seeking any permission.

Unmatched Warmth & Comfort

Feeling of being a homeowner is doubtlessly highly exclusive. It is often seen that people who own flats or apartments in Greater Noida, Gurgaon or Delhi, lives in another town for several reasons. Among all those causes, occupation is the most reasonable one. Such people keep missing their “own home”. This is because of the fact that no rented apartment, no matter how much lavish it be, can provide the warmth of their own house.

Be Physically & Mentally Healthier

Research reveals that place you live in might pose affects onto your health, both physically as well as mentally.

Now the question is how??

More space and bigger yard simply means more physical movement. Having a nice yard in front of the house is the thing which of course everyone would like, after all who will not want a fun place to play Frisbee with his/her dog??

Besides from this, the most important thing, you will get to exercise every time whensoever you need to fix something for the house.

Owning a house in Noida and other NCR regions makes you feel mentally healthier because of less stress. Everyone is aware of the fact that financial issue is a key source of stress for majority of the people. However the sense of financial stability from owning flats in Noida and other regions can provide one with a peace of mind and lower stress!!

So, this was all about importance of owing a house in Delhi NCR over renting. Hopefully, agreeing with the blog, you now also prefer own house more than that of rent.

Now despite of the fact that buying apartments in Greater Noida and other NCR regions is a wise decision, it is here kindly suggested to keep it well thought as well as well planned. As in other case it might end up struggling with the increases expenses.

Regarding this purpose, you might refer FairPockets official website as it includes a special section for this i.e., Rent vs Buy Analysis. Here you can freely calculate yourself how much buying property in Noida or other NCR regions is beneficial than that of renting there.

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