Tips To check the trust-ability of property developers in Noida


While builders give an entire long list of reasons for their delays, at the end, it’s the buyers who borne all the burden. So, due to this reason, it’s all up to them to do due diligence before buying property in Noida.

Among all the exercises you perform while buying ready to move flats in Noida, according to realty experts, the most difficult is to check the credentials of property developers in Noida.

After all, in Noida’s today market, majority of the property builders do not own record of delivering projects on time and fulfilling all the promises.

Realty experts have notified the problem been intensifying in the recent times, as the realty sector is going through a funds crunch because of poor sales.

What’s more!!

The condition has reached a level that even the big and renowned property developers in Noida are struggling to finish work on time.

According to stats,

In Noida and other regions of Delhi NCR, around 20% of the projects are on schedule.

Here the thing which makes the situation even worse is the large number of property builders in Noida market,

Yes, you heard it right!!

According to Liases Foras, a real estate rating and research company.

Noida, being one of the major city of India, owns large number of active real estate developers in it.

Now since as discussed above, property developers in Noida onto being delayed, provide you just with reasons and all the burdens, it is advised here to do due diligence before buying 1BHK flat for sale in Noida or any else.

Here we have brought you some of the tips on how to check the trust-ability of property developers in Noida.

Tips to check the trust-ability of property developers in Noida


The construction quality of property developers says a lot about what the company actually believes in. In a case if you find builder giving equal magnitude of importance to  everything, right from layout planning to build and finish quality, chances are high that their future projects would also have the same level of durability. Check whether the property builder uses the latest construction technology and own quality certifications or rating for its projects.


According to renowned realty experts,

Good property developers in Noida always own all documents regarding building plan approval, land title, local municipal approval and several other information. So, its always a positive sign if you come to know that your property developer has or had tie-ups with leading financial lenders/institutions for a minimum of their projects. Currently, online portals or platforms might reveal valuable feedback from several sources and respondents about a developer.

Delivery Timeliness

When it comes to property dealing, usually delays have been notified because of funding issues. A prospective home-buyer would always like to go with property developer who is financially secured. This helps developer in resorting to use cheap materials regarding construction.

The pricing

Its always good to discuss pricing, payment plan and several other extras with the property builder, as you may have to incur for the property. Evaluate in a case if the developer is offering you the right value for money. Check out if they own facilities management teams to improve property value by minimizing risk, decreasing costs and increasing the end-user satisfaction.

In real estate, seeing is believing.

In a case if you are finding out any property not appealing, don’t buy it.

Never hesitate in doing some legwork for exploring out all the available options. This will help you in finding out the right developer among all the present property builders in Noida for you.

So, this was all about the tips to consider for checking the trust-ability of property developers in Noida.

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