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Fairpockets is India’s first price curated property website. So what is price curation from fairpockets? In case you want to buy or sell your real estate then the first thing which you will do is to find out the price at which the last transaction takes place.

This price will give you an indication of what price to keep in case you are selling your property or decide on the budget in case you are planning to buy a real estate. Currently, you will either speak to brokers or any known person or do an online search before deciding on the price.

This is where Fairpockets will help you, In case you are planning to sell your property on then we do thorough research and recommend you the right price to sell your property. At fairpockets you will have to put two kinds of prices, the first one is the market price and the other is the offer price.

The market price is the price of the property at which the transaction takes place and the offer price is the price at which the property seller is willing to sell. The offer price ideally has to be lower as no buyer will buy a property at higher than the market price.

So, we are the only property portal which will help you in deciding the right price to sell your property. So essentially we help you in the free valuation of your property.

Price is the most important aspect regarding selling or buying your property. In case you transact at a wrong price then your notional loss would be in lakhs.

Similarly when you are buying a new property then you will have to deal with builders. They have their very unique rate card or price list. It has multiple components like base price, club charges, parking, External development charges, Internal development charges, etc etc. The the price will change based on the floors or the direction of the flat or apartment.

Consumers get confused looking at such a complex rate card. To solve this problem we have come up with a very interactive price calculator where you can choose your floor, your PLC and other optional charges and the final price is calculated instantly. Take a look at the builder pricing on Fairpockets below.

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