How to select a Builder Property in Noida?


Dreaming to own a house is an Indian culture. Here no matter one is rich or poor, everyone wants to have his/her own house (either small or big).

Now despite of the fact that house building is one of the most vital event of our life, it do requires utmost care. Especially when the region is like Noida.

Yes, you heard it right!!

Before building up your own new house in city such as Noida, it is important to ensure that you are deeply involved in all the procedural steps during the construction. Via this you yourself increase the chances of getting quality and customizing your house according to your requirements.

Nonetheless, this whole venture is not such easy as it sounds to be.

That is why it has been referred very important to find out a trustworthy real estate company. Making selection of the best real estate company in Noida  is not an easy task, as there is wide availability of real estate companies in Noida.

According to realty experts,

Before selecting real estate company in Noida for building up new house, it is important to perform a thorough research on recognizing whether the company is trustworthy or not. This will result in prohibition of any sort of future glitches. It besides also save your valuable investment and time.

Before make selection of the best among all the present real estate companies in Noida, it is important to ensure that the real estate company you are selecting don’t just builds, but also look for someone who will to adapt with your choices.

So, here in this blog, we have tried to discuss some of the crucial factors which you guys should consider before selecting the most appropriate real estate company in Noida for you.

Factors to recognize the best construction company among present real estate companies in Noida

Construction Quality

Regarding this aspect, you are required to check out the company’s previous projects and inspect the quality of those. Ensure to visit at least one or two of their respective projects.

For ex: In a case if you have shortlisted few real estate companies in Noida, sell who are willing to furnish you with their work references. If find them hesitant, do not trust them.

Inspecting construction features

Properly examine the several sections of previous ventures such as external aesthetic features, quality of the paint, fitting, frames and etc.

Notice all the things minutely

In a case if find paint coming off, it’s a sign that the company has compromised quality and not made usage of premium materials regarding painting.

If notice cracks in the wall, it’s a sign indicating that the builder has utilized poor quality of concrete mixture.

Check out the magnitude of open green spaces which had been incorporated in the construction of the builder.

Besides from all this, energy-Efficient appliances utilized in construction is an indication of a good builder.

You can easily find out various reputed real estate companies in Noida, aiming towards implementing Energy-efficient appliances and opening up space designs in their respective projects to cut-off onto the electricity bills.

Third-Party Opinion

Usually it has been noticed that because of scarcity of knowledge, majority of the people become unable to find out any sort of faults in the previous projects of the real estate company.

What to do then??

You can appoint a third-party auditor for checking the construction features. Taking his unbiased opinion onto the quality of build can reassure you. However, this procedure might demand extra charges for you.

Track Record

This aspect as such of aforementioned one, also concerns the real estate company’s past projects. It besides also check the corresponding track record of distinct segments.

Legal Record

According to real estate experts, constructed projects of certain real estate companies in Noida must be compliant towards several legal requirements.

You can demand a copy of all the important documents such as No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from concerning authorities, NBC (National Building Code) compliance etc. Via this you can prohibit any legal activities taken against you in the coming future.

Aside from all this, you can also check whether the real estate company you are opting out have had any complaint registered in the consumer court.

Construction Record

Ensure that the layout of the Construction plan has been approved by the confirming authorities in Municipal Corporation. Or else, you might not would be able to demand the occupancy over the area.

Timely Completion of the project

You can easily find number of real estate companies in Noida which are renowned for their respective on-time completion of the projects. Beside from this, it’s also important to check whether the company has a proper scheduled workflow.

You must be furnished with starting scheduled date, end scheduled date together with the details of each and every procedural step and time when they will be implemented.

Number of Projects

The best way to recognize the quality of a real estate company is to know the number of projects they have successfully completed. This will provide you with an idea as regards with their skills and work experience. Besides, research deeply how well their previous projects have been enduring with time.

Ask Questions

Following all the above assessment, now it’s time to finally ask some decisive questions to the real estate companies in Noida to know whether they can be trusted with your dream home or not.

These questions can be –

Who will supervise the construction?

Is the supervisor qualified enough for tackling the issues?

What would be the building maintenance period?

Whether you will get a complete written contract or not?

Will you be furnished with a detailed quote?

How much amount of Customization can get done against standardization? 


So, this was all about the factors you should consider while selecting the best of all available real estate companies in Noida.

Hopefully you got all the points and from now on wards will remember those while selecting real estate company for you. As building dream house is the most substantial venture you would be investing in, throughout your entire life.

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