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Want to RENT A PROPERTY IN NOIDA?? But confused on, which will be more beneficial?

Rental Income from Residential or Commercial Property in Noida?

If so, then the blog is for you. Just go through it once as it includes facts clarifying the best option between the two.


Noida is developing very rapidly. It has now become an educational hub as well as the birth place of many industries. It has one more benefit that it’s location near Delhi NCR.

Due to these reasons, number of population is increasing day by day in Noida. This has led to increase in the demand of rental project there. Whether it be for commercial or for residential.


Property owner sometimes get confused in the benefits of rent between residential and commercial property in Noida. That which will provide them with more rental income.

To clear the confusion, here on FairPockets, we will tell you the difference as well as the rental scope of residential and commercial income.

Benefits of Residential property to earn Rental income


Increase in income

The house owner can increase the rent value according to the property price. As the price of the property increases, the rent also increases automatically.

The rent besides, also depends upon the market value. When the market value of the rent increases, automatically the value of the rent will also increases.  The rent  keep on increasing vice versa.

Decrease in Tax

The rental income of your property helps you in decreasing your tax, as you can add your rental income in your tax payment. Hence, it reduces your tax load.

Freedom to use

While hiring a tenant, you can keep your ownership on a particular area where you don’t want tenant to go.

You can also use your property according to your need. You will have total freedom to decide whether you want to live or you want to give on rent.

Lifetime Investment

The will remain yours for your life time. Or in a case if you want to transfer it to your inheritor, then it can get easily be done.

Benefits of commercial property earn Rental income


Fixed income

In the case of commercial property for sale in Noida, the rental income is fixed. The market will decide on the rent which you will command.

You will get a regular and handsome rental income from your property without having any delays. The commercial rental return is approximately 6%-8% though it can go up if the acquisition cost is low.

Longer lease period

Commercial properties provides lease period for longer time. So, you don’t have to take tension for the lease period randomly.

Rental value increase

Price of the rental value as well the value of the assets increases after some period of time. The price value is not fixed it keeps on increasing over time.

Residential or Commercial Properties in Noida

Which is more effective for rental income??

 Residential properties

Residential properties are less complicated and easier to understand for the new investor. You can easily fix the value of the property by comparing it from the market price.

One of the best benefit of residential property in Noida is it’s rental value do not fall down if the market falls down. It keeps on increasing time to time. Though there is a huge oversupply and things have changed recently.

Commercial properties

Despite of the fact that commercial properties are complicated when it comes to legal aspects, they provides you with excellent income.

Like if you have invest 5- 6 crores on a prime location then you can approximately get 40 lakh per annum. You also get more rental return in commercial property as compared to residential property in Noida.

Hope, through the above discussion you have understood that which one is better for rent, residential or commercial.

Investing in property is always a good decision, whether it is commercial or residential. It totally depends on the investor’s needs and demand.

So before buying any types of property, it is very essential to figure out all its details.

Fairpockets, being the best property management service in Noida, provides you with residential as well as COMMERCIAL PROPERTY FOR SALE IN Noida. Here you will get property on fair price which will fit in your budget.

So, what are you waiting for??

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