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All property prices for buy/sell/rent is lower or equal to the market price

Fair Pocket Process

Fair Pocket Process

Advertised Price

Price at which sellers usually advertise the property or apartments for sale. In most cases, the listed property price is higher than the market price and is negotiable

Market Price

The market price is the current real estate price at which that particular property can be bought or sold. Our research team arrives at fair market value by carrying out our own online property valuation

Lowest Price

This is exceptionally low distress or cheap price quoted by the seller when there is an urgent need to sell the property fast due to his own personal reasons

Fair Price

The fair price is a Fairpockets recommended offer price of real estate which helps the seller break the market and sell the property fast.
This real estate price can be below or at par with the market price of the property. This price takes into account the factors such as oversupply of properties in a certain locality, the condition of the property, seller's urgency and comfort level etc and thus creates a win-win situation by attracting the buyers and enabling the sellers to sell fast.

Why Use Fairpockets


  • Fair Price

    Fair Price

    Get Fairly Priced resale Properties

  • Transparent Pricing

    Transparent Pricing

    Get price breakup for builder properties

  • Fair Builder

    Fair Builder

    We allow quality builders to post property with us

  • Buying Assistance

    Buying Assistance

    Get assistance in buying through our Assisted Search


  • Free Valuation

    Free Valuation

    Get free valuation support of your property

  • Sell Fast

    Sell Fast

    We help you sell fast

  • Price Recommendation

    Price Recommendation

    Get right price recommendation for selling fast

  • Selling Assistance

    Selling Assistance

    Get Assistance in Selling through our Assisted Search

Our Services

Assisted Search

  • We help you in searching your prospective buyer or seller in the fastest possible time.
  • Assisted Sell/Rent for sellers: Outsource your selling & renting responsibilities to us for faster results
  • Assisted Buy/ Rent for buyers: Get trusted properties at fair price from Fair Pockets
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Research reports

Our Research Focus

Get to know about your property investment before committing. Our report cover important insights which are very important for both end user and investor.

Facts we cover: Check about the builder past records, area livability, carpet area, density and recommendation, expected rental in the future, appreciation potential of the property, 5 year projected estimated price etc

Property management

Property Management

Avail our property management services and get a local caretaker to look after your real estate. We undertake maintenance and renting services including tasks like interiors, paying utility bills and other such services for NRI’s, outstation owners and Investors.

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Portfolio management

Portfolio Management

We will optimize your current property portfolio and help you decide whether to sell or hold or reinvest to grow the pie

  • Real Estate Portfolio Recommendation Report: Get recommendations for each of your properties based on data collected by us and detailed analysis.
  • Executing Recommendation: We execute the mutual decision of selling or renting out or reinvestment or property management for each property
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