Fairpockets Services

Fairpockets is very innovative and integrated real estate service provider. We help not only in buying, selling or maintaining the properties but also provide holistic services in order to take away all your worries related to real estate.

Free Property Listing: You can post your property free of cost on Fairpockets.com. Our listing process is slightly different from another website. Apart from all the details about the property, we recommend you to suggest two prices. The first is Market Price and another is Offer Price. Market price is the approx. price at which the last transaction has taken place for a similar type of property. The offer price is your price at which you can do the transaction. We analyze both the prices and recommend you the price at which the probability of selling your property is fastest.

Free Property Valuation: If you are planning to sell your property you would definitely like to sell your property fast and would like to sell at a good price. So, the good price generally means higher or higher than the market price. If you try to sell at a higher price then the buyer response comes down and time to sell your property goes up. So its important for you to have the right or fair price so the buyers get attracted and you sell your property fast. You can post your property on fairpockets.com and we will do a free valuation of your property so that you can sell fast.

Property Management: This is our next service where we manage and maintain your property in your absence. You may be in any part of the world but if your property is in Delhi NCR (Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad) then we manage it locally.

We can take care of your keys, tenant, furnishing, renovation, legal agreements, bill payments or any other issue related to your property.

This service is currently available in NCR region but we will soon expand it to other metros like Mumbai, Bangalore etc.

Portfolio Management: Our fourth service, which is portfolio management, is especially targeted to HNI or NRI consumers. To avail this service, one needs to have at least 3 properties. You can have as many properties as possible in any part of the country.

Suppose the total worth of your properties is x and if you leave it idle it will, say, become 1.5x after 5 years, you can optimize it to enhance its value further. Our portfolio management service can help you optimize your investments to maximize your net worth and would provide you a wider reach as well.

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