How to find a Cheap Property.

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How to find a cheap property

In case you are planning to buy a property then finding the right property at the right price is the biggest priority for any buyer. Property investment is a big thing for any individual and a buyer invest their life savings in it. So the objective is to acquire the property at a cheap price. The more the savings the better it is. But the most important question is to know how to get at a very cheap price. Below are some of the ways to acquire property at discount for a new build property or a resale property.


New Build Property projects:

Find the Exact Price of your Property: When you are buying a new property from builders then the first thing which you have to check is about the hidden charges.

You can also visit where Builder & developers provide each and every charge in detail and Fairpockets provide an interactive calculator. With the help of this calculator, you can calculate the exact property price of any unit.

·         Other Property prices in the same locality: Once you know the exact price of the property after that you should focus on finding out the prices of other properties in the same locality. This will give you a good sense of the prices which is being given by other builders. This will also help you in negotiating with other builder projects.

·        Property price Negotiation: The third step is of negotiation of property pricing. The financial health of most of the developers is not good, the market is also not great. This means that it’s a good time to negotiate with the builders. So do not leave any stone unturned and negotiate hard with the builders and they will give you a great deal. You can also ask for some freebies like woodwork, some interiors etc.

·         Payment flexibility: After you are satisfied with the prices which you have got then you can focus on making your payment terms more flexible. If it’s an under-construction property then try to push the payments as close to the possession of the property. Though sometimes if you can do some extra advance payment then there is a high possibility that you can get much better prices. So if the developer is of A or A+ category then you can take the risk of paying some extra in advance but the precondition is that the price has to be much better.

Resale Property:

·         Online Research: In case you are looking for a resale property then the first thing which you should do is proper online research. This will give you the most of the information about the property, its condition, price etc. If the property images are available then you can even get a glimpse of the property.

You have to make sure that you get a hang of the prices for the type of property which you are looking for. Most of the property portals have a problem that the same property may have multiple prices and you find it difficult to know the actual price. You can visit to handle this issue as we do property valuation of each property and provide both the market price and offer price to the customers.

·         Physical Visits: Once you have sufficient knowledge about the price and another aspect of the real estate in question then it’s important to visit the real estate and do a physical check. Just keep in mind that the more the research the better the price you will get. Negotiation will only give you small benefits but the bigger benefits will come out of research.

·         Paper Check: Finally just make sure that all the papers are correct, you can even engage a lawyer for that. Sometimes you may get a very cheap property but there could be some issues legally, so don’t fall for the trap. Do a complete legal verification of the property before go ahead.

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