Questions To Ask Before Renting a Property in Noida


What to ask landlord before renting a property in Noida is very important for ensuring that you stay there happy for a long time. Here in this blog, we will provide you with some questions which are important to ask before rent a property in Noida. These questions form a checklist to look for while taking flat on rent in Noida.

Despite of the fact that buying house is a big decision, it is also true that finding an apartment or house for rent is not smaller in any way.

According to real estate experts,

Finding the right property to rent in Noida is a big decision, as it lead impact onto your life as well as lifestyle.

Renting property affects everything i.e., from your commuting time to where you sleep and eat to where to do purchasing for groceries.

So before finalizing which property to rent in Noida, ensure to ask some questions from landlord.


Doing homework is very essential as after signing a lease, it becomes very difficult to cancel it. Here below set of questions have been discussed which you should ask your landlord while renting a property in Noida.

Questions To Ask Before Rent a Property in Noida

What are the lease terms?

Being a tenant, it’s your responsibility to be thoroughly aware of the lease, from where it starts to where it ends. Before rent a property in Noida, it is very essential to ensure about all the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease agreement. In a case if you don’t understand some aspect or are not sure about something, it is advised not to hesitate in asking.

While renting a property in Noida, it is important to ensure that there is no communication gap between you and the landlord.

Vipul Shah, realtor states:

Tenants can ask for Title of the property and important documents such as electricity bill, maintenance receipts etc. In a case if it is a mortgaged property and there is a default in loan or a NOC is needed from the bank before rent a property in Noida, the tenant might encounter a trick situation.

Shah, one another realtor further added that it is also very important to find out the amount which landlord would be charging as security deposit.

Ensure to be clear on how this amount will get adjusted at time when you leave. Usually, it is adjusted in the last two months. It is advised to not give major part of the amount in cash, as you would not be able to show proof of this amount in case of a litigation.

Some other things that are important to know while rent a property in Noida are how frequently will the rent go up, how much advance rent amount you have to pay, how much of the security amount you will get as a refund at time of vacating the flat and what is the landlord’s late rent policy?

Usually, it has been noticed that monthly rent goes up by 10% or as specified in the rental agreement. Ensure to be aware of how much you will be paying next year in a case of staying in the same flat.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to ask about the restrictions on guest entry, timings, meals (non-veg policy) and pet policy.

What is included in the rent?

While renting a property in Noida, some amenities in flats are their which might get covered in the monthly rent. However some are their which cannot be.

So, being a tenant, it’s your duty to ask the landlord before signing the lease agreement, if charges for the gas, cable and electric connections are covered.

Some landlords charge a fixed amount for electricity, while some install a separate meter. In usual cases, landlord do pays for water and sewar charges to the authority.

Can I decorate my flat in Noida?

Some landlords are possessive about their property on such an extent that don’t allow the tenant to even put a nail in the walls.

So it’s the duty of the tent to ask the landlord that whether he/she can hang things on the walls? Is he/she allowed to paint the walls or change the tiles?

In a case if landlord refuses to allow you to hang things on the wall, you can convince him/her via promising to patch up the wall holes and paint them back to the original color before you leave.

Emergency Repairs

Usually before rent a property in Noida, questions like who would bear cost for the broken washbasin, a dysfunctional switch, and failed electricity meter? The tenant or the landlord? arises.

Generally in the rent agreements, tenants are the other party as the property do belongs to the landlord.

Safety and security

Ask the landlord what sort of safety measures the property owns, that is a double door lock, watchman or a CCTV camera. You can also ask or research about the neighborhoods’ safety quotient that is it a comparatively safe area or not?

Parking Facility

Ask the landlord that whether the parking facility is covered in your monthly rent or not.

Usually in a gated community, tenants get the opportunity to enjoy the parking space allotted to the landlord. However in the independent houses, the parking spaces are allotted on the first come first serve basis.

Social Infrastructure

When to comes to rent a property in Noida, it has been noticed that sometimes for paying lesser amount, tenants opt to live in a developing area which is weak in terms of social fabric.

According to realtors,

Even in a case of opting for a region which is developing to lower your rental expense, it is important to ensure that necessary commodities of daily usage are easily accessible. Always be clear on what you want and what the landlord expectations are.

Being a tenant its your duty to ask questions from landlord before finalizing the property to rent in Noida.

The rule of the thumb is Ask, Ask and Ask!!

So, this was all about the questions you should ask your landlord before renting a property in Noida.

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