Things Not To Ignore While Renting a Property in Noida

rent a property in noida

Are you planning to rent a property in Noida??

Despite of the fact that task seems simple, it can be highly daunting in a case of missing out on some vital factors which are required to be considered before shifting into a new house.

While renting a property, though paperwork can be taken casually, however the implications are undoubtedly highly severe for tenants in a case if some critical factors get missed out. Besides from checking out the interiors as well as exteriors, before rent a property in Noida, it is important to perform a legal check onto the ownership.

Here below some of the important points have been mentioned to consider before rent a property in Noida.

Things to check before rent a property in Noida

Physical inspection of flat

Before rent a property in Noida, it is essential to carry out a physical inspection of the flat.

Carefully cross check the furniture and the fixtures including electrical, plumbing and sanitary fittings. Being a tenant, it’s your responsibility to visit the flat for viewing the exact location and demanding for any sort of changes that can be made to the flat by the owner before your shifting.

Physical inspection helps in avoiding any confusion which might took place later between the parties.

Brokerage commission discussion

The commission amount should get discussed in the beginning in a case if the apartment is being finalized through any of the property dealers in Noida. This is important because the commission can vary from half month’s rent to a full month rent.

Commission amount while rent a property in Noida varies from city to city. So, it is suggested to go through an organized broken for avoiding any harassment later.

Maintenance Charges

Clauses of monthly and annual maintenance might be a big issue of dispute between owner and tenant while rent a property in Noida. Hence it is important for a tenant to be well-informed about the conditions before renting out the flat.

Several regular maintenance such as electricity boards, water taps, wiring and etc might not create a fuss, however heavy interior or outdoor damage repair and walls coloring might cause debate.

Hence, it is suggested to discuss them right away.

Facilities in society

According to realty experts,

Taking 1 BHK flat for sale in Noida society is more challenging than taking one in a builder floor.

For owner, it is important to inform tenant of all types of paid and unpaid services.

Services such as swimming pool, extra parking venue, conditional club use, door-to-door service charges, RWA etc might cost you more in a case if builder has missed out something.

Lock-in period and rent increase percentage after expiry of contract

Lease agreement between owner and tenant should include minimum lock-in period (the minimum stay duration) like six months, one years or three years.

Usually the lock-in-period is of one year, while rent a property in Noida.

Besides from this, at the time of vacating the flat, it is important to discuss notice period, electricity bill payment and adjustment of advance security. Because of this reason, the least agreement should be read thoroughly and confusion should be clarified before shifting into new house.

Amount of percentage increase in the rental amount per year must be discussed at the time of signing the Agreement.

Though usually hike in rent takes place after 11 months, however chances are high that it can get stretched depending onto the conditions.

Property Documents

Before taking 1 BHK flat for sale in Noida or flat of any other size through the property dealers in Noida or directly from any of the real estate companies in Noida, it is important to ensure that the property is free of any fraud or title issue.

While rent a property in Noida, you can freely request for documents such as paid and water electricity bills, chain title, overall layout and provision of charges, basic knowledge of the last tenant who lived there and relation of owner with the property dealer (if any).

So, these were all the things which you should not ignore while rent a property a Noida.

Hopefully you read the blog thoroughly and so from now would consider the listed points while renting a property in Noida.

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