What is carpet, built-up and super built area?

Carpet Area

Carpet area

Carpet area is the actual area that you use while living in the house. This area excludes the thickness of walls & common areas (lift, lobby, play area, stairs, etc.). It is advisable that whenever you look for the house, then ask for the dimensions of the carpet area, then make the decision. As per RERA, the builder has to display the Carpet area to the buyers. It does not include a balcony or terrace.

Build-up area

built-up area

This includes carpet area + thickness of the wall. Simply, the built-up area includes the walls, balconies, terrace (with or without roof) & even servant room is also included. Walls covered approx. 15% of the carpet area. Whereas approx. 10% area is covered by Balcony, terrace and servant room.

How to calculate Built-up Area –

Built-up area = Carpet area + Thickness of walls + balconies (if any) + Servant room (if any)


  • Carpet area is 1000 square feet.
  • Walls and balcony is covering 25% more area of carpet area


Built-up area = Carpet area + 25% of carpet area

                        = 1000 + 250

= 1250 sq. ft.

Super Built-up area

super built-up

Super built-up simply includes all the common areas like play area, lift, stairs, or any other common area. Whereas, a swimming pool, sports facilities, a water tank are not included in the super built-up area.  A Developer/Builder charges you on the basis of the super built-up area which is why it is also known as ‘saleable’ area.

How to calculate super Built-Up Area

Since super built-up area factors in the common areas, this increases the total saleable area. This percentage is called loading. Few developers use common area to increase the total size of the property and to increase the price and profit.

Super built-up area = Carpet area + Thickness of walls + Balcony/Terrace + Common Area (Play area, lobby, lift, stairs, etc.)

  • Suppose the builder use loading factor is 40% of the carpet area
  • Carpet area is 1000 sq. ft.


Super built-up area = Carpet area + 40% of carpet area

                                   = 1000 + 400

                                   = 1400 sq. ft.

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